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  Fishers High School Speech and Debate
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Head Coach:
Mr. Paul Kennedy (pkennedy@hse.k12.in.us)
Assistant Coaches:
Mr. Matt Follman (mfollman@hse.k12.in.us)
Ms. Rund (nrund@hse.k12.in.us)
Ms. Marshall (allisonmarshall221@gmail.com)
Mrs. Kern (kkern@hse.k12.in.us)
Mr. Mozzi (lmozzi@msn.com)
Mrs. Noyes (snoayes@hse.k12.in.us)
Srilekha Davuluri   Srilekha Davuluri (President)           Hi! My name is Srilekha Davuluri and I’m so excited to be your speech & debate president this year! I compete in Discussion and Public Forum Debate, but I can still help you get started on any other events. Outside of speech and debate, I love focusing on STEM-oriented classes and dabbling in the performing arts, including Orchestra and Indian Classical Dance. Can’t wait to meet you this year! My email is DAVULSRI000@gmail.com and my phone number is (463)-701-4478.
Kennedy Terhune   Kennedy Terhune (Officer)           Hi! I’m Kennedy, and I’ll be a Senior for the school year of 2022-2023. I’ve stuck with Congress since my freshman year, which has allowed me to learn from state, districts, and nationals. Additionally, I regularly compete in U.S Extemp, where I’ve also competed locally and nationally. Although my specialty is most useful in the lens of debate and limited prep, I have some familiarity with Interp as well. I hope to be a good resource for anyone who needs it, and I’m excited to be one of the 2021-2022 Speech&Debate leaders! You can contact me through terhuken000@hsestudents.org and (317)847-7760.
Griffin Chesebrough   Griffin Chesebrough (Officer)           Hello, I’m Griffin Chesebrough! I am going to be a senior this year have done Speech and Debate for all 4 years and 2 years at the Junior High level. The events I compete in are Lincoln Douglass and Discussion. In my free time, I like to hang out with friends, get fast food, and watch bad sit coms. My email is chesegri000@hsestudents.org and my phone number is 317-767-1860!
Avery Hanefeld   Avery Hanefeld (Officer)           Hi I’m Avery, I’m a junior and this is my third year doing speech and debate! I do congress, original oratory, and most importantly radio, although I will probably add another event this year. I love speech so much, but when I’m not working on speech I like baking, listening to music, and watching basketball. I can’t wait to have a great season! You can contact me at averyhanefeld@gmail.com or 317-646-3153.
Lauren Hobson   Lauren Hobson (Coach)           Hi, I’m Lauren! I’m going to be a senior this year, and I do Public Forum and International Extemp. I have been doing Debate since freshman year and Speech since sophomore year. Speech has grown into a large passion of mine throughout high school and I would love to help other students work on their skills. You can contact me through laurenh0731@gmail.com or 317-993-4578
John Myers   John Myers (Coach)           Hi I’m John Myers and I am going to be a senior this year. I’m excited to be peer coach on the team and I have experience in informative speaking and United States Extemp. I’m also involved in the cross country and track teams as well as fishers sports network. I’m excited to work with you this year! You can contact me at myersjoh005@hsestudents.org Or (317)443-1431
Shriya Gawade   Shriya Gawade (Coach)           Hi y’all, I’m Shriya! I’m a junior whose been involved in speech and debate since 7th grade, and I’m super excited to be a peer coach this year! I do International Extemp and Original Oratory for my Speech events as well as Congress and World Schools Debate. Outside of speech, I spend my time reading, napping, listening to music, and fooling around with my friends. The best way to contact me is via text at 3178274620 or email at shriyagawade123@gmail.com :)
Brady Dack   Brady Dack (Coach)           Hi I’m Brady and I’m going to be a senior this year. I do USX, impromptu, and world schools debate. Outside of speech I play tennis, compete in deca, and play the best mini golf you’ve ever seen. You can reach me by text at (317) 627-5092 or by email at dackbra000@hsestudents.org
Jacob Dowd   Jacob Dowd (Coach)           Hi! I am Jacob, I am I junior and I am so happy to be a peer coach this year! I compete in Informative but I can still help out with other events. In my free time I love reading, gardening, baking, and playing piano. I am also involved in cross country, student government, FCA, and academic team. I cant wait to meet you this year! If you need anything my email is dowdjac000@hsestudents.org and my phone number is 317-778-9998
Robert Lyon   Robert Lyon (Coach)           What’s up, my name is Robert Lyon and ill be the peer coach for any Interp events! I’ve been in speech and debate since junior high and ill be a senior this year. Specifically ive done Humorous interpretation and practiced for a duo that never got to see the light of day. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask! I can be reached at my email, eatbacon.repeat@gmail.com, but if you want a response fast just text me at (317)418-6218